The Best Copywriting Agency With Negotiable Rates

If you’re looking for the best copywriting agency that is flexible and negotiable on pricing, you’ll want to reach out to Still Writers.

best copywriting agency

Still Writers offers a wide range of copywriting services such as:

Why Still Writers?

Still Writers is the best copywriting agency for a number of reasons:

Negotiate Your Rate

If you’re a new business just starting, Still Writers knows that a strict marketing budget is usually part of your equation. With so many overpriced content writing agencies out there, it’s difficult to be able to afford the content in the first place. That’s why Still Writers is negotiable and flexible on its copywriting rates.

If you’re looking for copywriting for marketing purposes, other copywriting agencies don’t even take your budget into consideration. They will ask for your credit card or payment details faster than you can tap on the credit card machine at the grocery store. With Still Writers, you’re getting a company that understands that not everyone has the same budget to work work.

Brand new companies simply don’t have the same budget that companies that have been around for decades have, and sometimes they are excluded from the best copywriting agency because of that. By hiring the best copywriting agency in Still Writers, you don’t have to worry about that any longer.

Quick Content Turnaround

Still Writers go above and beyond to complete your content in a timely fashion. With other content writing agencies, you might be waiting a week or two at a time for content. You won’t have to worry about that with Still Writers. Many clients get their content back within the next day. 

SEO-Optimized Content

When you get your content from Still Writers, you can expect it to be SEO-optimized without having to pay extra fees for that. Many SEO copywriting agencies will charge extra to SEO-optimize their content, and that doesn’t seem fair since all content should be SEO-optimized in the first place. 

What’s the point of even writing content that isn’t SEO-optimized? Content that isn’t optimized for search engines won’t even come anywhere close to ranking. That means that companies are investing money into content that won’t produce the traffic they need for their business to grow.

SEO copywriting is a skill that comes with experience, effort, and time. By hiring Still Writers, you can rest assured in knowing your content will include all of the fundamentals of SEO in mind so that your content will have a better chance to rank against your competitors in search engines.

The Best Copywriting Agency Can Grow Your Business


Hiring the best copywriting agency will attract more people to your business. A lot of business owners struggle in figuring out what content will perform on their websites. By investing in copywriting services, you’ll never have to worry about that. You can spend your time doing other activities that will help to grow your business.

Sit back and allow Still Writers to develop your content for you. The nice thing about investing in SEO copywriting services is that your content will work for you. When content is written for your website, it is a long-term investment that will pay dividends into the future. 

Content is written one time and creates its own sub-page within your website. If you have 50  blog posts, that’s an extra 50 pages added to your website that can reach people your target audience. With more blog posts, that means increased chances of traffic and exposure to your website.

Copywriting Services Can Boost Your Authority

By investing in copywriting services, you’re boosting the authority of your company to your target audience. It might take time to get to the point where you begin to see tons of traffic, but like everything else in life, the work and effort will pay off.

Copywriting for marketing is a skill that is used to persuade potential customers to your business. It’s not easy to write content that can be used to persuade people to purchase products or services from you. The best copywriting agency understands what your content has to say in order to produce results.

Some of the other benefits of hiring the best copywriting agency are:

  • Your business will make a bold statement apart from the competition
  • Your business will  become a leader in the industry
  • The image of your brand will be exposed to more people
  • Your content will display how people can benefit from your products/services
  • You’ll gain increased rapport with your target audience
  • Your conversion rates will be boosted
  • Customers that see value in your content will start to trust you
  • Potential clients will see you as the ‘go-to’ in your industry

Some companies develop the misconception that you have to invest thousands upon thousands of dollars into pricey social media campaigns in order to boost their exposure. By investing in the best copywriting agency, you’ve saving up to 67% of the costs of other marketing campaigns.

The Best Copywriting Agency Hints At Conversions

By hiring the best copywriting agency, your content will never come across as too sales-based or forceful. Copywriting services should always be focused on the customer and how they can benefit from investing in your products or services. It’s far too easy to get carried away with trying to sell your products/services right off the hop.

This can be comparable to walking into a car dealership and having three salespeople walking up to you and telling you why you have to buy a car. No one wants to go through that experience, and no one wants to spend their time reading about it either.

People typically browse online for answers or solutions to their problems. If they end up on your website and are reading your blog that is able to answer their questions, they will trust you to a greater degree than the other websites. This can lead to a potential conversion.

The Best Copywriting Agency Is Specific On Content

best copywriting services

No one has hours to invest in sifting through content just to reach answers or solutions to their questions. The best copywriting agency knows that content needs to be specific, to the point, and particular to what people are asking. A great copywriting agency knows that content writing needs to be basic and to the point. 

Some content writing agencies focus too much time and effort on using hundreds of keywords stuffed into an article that makes the content barely readable. This is known as copywriting for search engines instead of copywriting for customers. 

Content always needs to be focused on the customer first. The customers are the ones paying the money for your products or services, and that’s why content always needs to revolve around them before anything.

The best copywriting agency will naturally include keywords in content in a way that doesn’t seem like they are even there.

What Issues Can a Bad Copywriting Agency Cause?

Investing money into a bad copywriting agency can cause a number of negative things for your company:

  • Your company won’t pop up in search engines
  • Customers won’t be attracted to what you have to offer
  • Your content will appear unprofessional
  • Other companies in your industry will stand out more than yours
  • You’ll miss out on sales
  • Your current base of clients might question doing business with your company

Choose The Best Copywriting Agency Today

Still Writers is the best copywriting agency on the market for a number of reasons:

  • High-quality content 
  • Experienced team of professionals
  • Increase sales and business for your company
  • Fair and negotiable rates
  • 100% content writing satisfaction
  • Quick content turnaround
  • Simplicity in use
  • Personalized
  • Competitor analysis

If you’re looking for the best copywriting agency that is flexible and negotiable on pricing, you’ll want to reach out to Still Writers.

Consider reaching out to Still Writers, the best copywriting agency on the market, for all of your content writing needs today.

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