Which Content Writing Agency Should I Hire?

Finding the right content writing agency that will work for you can be a frustrating task. You’ll want to keep some of these things in mind while looking.

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With so many benefits of hiring a content writing agency, sometimes people might jump the gun and hire one that they might end up regretting. A content writing agency is an investment that will have your company flourishing over time.

The better the content writing agency that you hire, the better your chances of gaining more exposure for your company. There are many different types of content writing services available to people, and not every content writing agency is skilled in all of them. If you’re looking to get an informational blog going, then you’ll want to hire the right content writing agency for that purpose.

What Should I Look For When Hiring A Content Writing Agency?

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Like every service out there, there are a number of things to keep. The same goes for a content writing agency.


No one wants to hire a content writing agency that they can’t afford. The majority of content writing agencies have stagnant and fixed rates. That means that you’ll be paying the price displayed on their website no matter what. There is no way around the rates that many of these content companies provide.

The reason why there is no way around the fixed rates of the majority of content writing agencies is because they are automated and impersonal. You’ll fill in some details on a login form, punch in your credit card details, and then order content. 

If you’re a new business just starting out, the fixed rates simply might not be affordable for you. If you’re not the type of company that likes black and white fixed rates or simply can’t afford the costs of the content on a particular site, don’t worry, you’re not out of luck just yet.

Still Writers offers high-quality content at negotiable rates. If you have a budget that you aren’t flexible on, reach out to them and tell them what you have to work with. They do their best to accommodate the budgets of many companies, and they are understanding that not every company can afford to pay $1000 for a single blog like some companies advertise.


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Professionalism is another one of the top factors that you need to consider when thinking about hiring a content writing agency. You’ll want to hire a company that has at least a little bit of knowledge in your industry. This will ensure that the content being produced is of higher quality and will be more marketable to your target audience.

With many content writing agencies, you’ll be hiring freelance writers that don’t have a clue about your target market. This is another reason why Still Writers is a company that you should consider. Before even beginning to type out anything, your industry will be heavily researched so that the content being produced will be of the best quality.

You’ll also be getting native-English speakers, so you’ll never have to worry about having to go back and edit your own content after you have paid for it.

Quick Turnaround

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When people order content, they should expect to get a quick turnaround time on that content. No one wants to be sitting around waiting weeks and weeks for marketing material that was guaranteed within the week. With Still Writers, you’ll be getting your content in a timely manner, well before your deadline. 

The freelance writers that work for Still Writers have OCD about deadlines. They have never missed a deadline yet, and they don’t intend on missing one anytime in the near future. You want a content writing agency that you can trust to be marketable for your business, and you get exactly that with Still Writers

SEO-Optimized Content

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Another thing to keep in mind when thinking about hiring a content writing agency is that the content needs to be search engine optimized (SEO) to perform at its best. Utilizing keywords can have your content doing much better in search engine rankings.

With content that is doing better in search engines, that means there will be more exposure being drawn to your website. More exposure to your website means you’ll have a better chance of that exposure turning into sales. 

A lot of content writing agencies charge extra for SEO-optimized content, and that’s not very fair. When you hire Still Writers for your content, all of it will be optimized to perform in search engine rankings. The content will also be compared to other content from competitors in your industry.

If you build decks for a living, there is a good chance that your competitors might have similar content to you. Still Writers will ensure that your content will be optimized in a way that will have it performing at its best.


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No content writing agency will be able to tell you exactly how your content will perform. If a content writing agency makes the false promise that writing one blog post will have your website popping up in the first place of Google, then they are lying. Content marketing is something that takes time.

The search engine algorithms are changing and fluctuating all of the time, and that’s why no company should be making false promises to you on how your content will perform. Some statistics say it can take months before a marketing campaign starts to generate leads.

Target Audience

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Your target audience should always be considered when content is being written. Unfortunately, not every content writing agency has this in mind. Many content writing agencies have the sole focus on spitting on content as fast as possible to get paid as fast as possible to move onto the next client as fast as possible.

By hiring Still Writers, you’re getting a company that has your best interests in mind. The team at Still Writers deeply cares about your success, and if your content isn’t performing as well as it should be, they make adjustments to reflect that.

Still Writers

If you’re looking for a highly reputable content writing agency that goes above and beyond what other content writing agencies do, you’ll want to consider hiring Still Writers. At Still Writers, you’re getting negotiable rates on content that will produce results. 

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Contact Still Writers today to get the journey started!

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