Should I Think About Hiring A Freelance Writer?

If you’re a new business or have even been around for decades, hiring a freelance writer can pay dividends in your marketing efforts well into the future.

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So, you’ve just started a new business and are taking baby steps in trying to learn how to grow and scale it to reach more people. This can be an incredibly intimidating task for new business owners to navigate. One of the best ways to market your business is to hire a freelance writer.

Professional content writing has been widely known to boost traffic to people’s websites, but not just any content. Many new business owners attempt to write their own content and think it will instantly turn into results, but there is a little more to the equation than that. Content writing takes a lot of planning and knowledge in the field, and unless you’re willing to learn all of it, it can be very difficult.

That’s where a freelance writer comes in.

What Is A Freelance Writer?

A freelancer is a contract-based worker that might be taking on contracts from a wide range of different companies. A freelance writer might be copywriting for five different agencies at the same time. They create their own schedules, set their own rates, and pick and choose who they want to work with and what jobs they will accept.

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Many companies don’t have the budget to pay a full-time writer, and by hiring a freelance writer, they are able to get their content on an as-needed basis. Hiring a freelance writer comes with a number of other benefits.

Benefits Of Hiring A Freelance Writer

The benefits of hiring a freelance writer for your content marketing strategy can have a hugely positive impact on your business.

Time Saver

Researching and publishing content can take a tremendous amount of time. Even learning about what content will drive more traffic to your website is something that can take a lot of effort. By hiring a freelance writer, you’ll be freeing up your time to pursue other business-related tasks. 

If you have a bunch of article rewriting that you think accurately represents what your business does, a freelance writer is able to uniquely spin your article in a way that will have it apply directly to your business in a positive light. 

Professional Content Writing

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Professional content writing is a craft just like any other one. Unless you consider yourself a skilled writer with leagues of experience in search engine optimization (SEO), keyword ranking, and SEO copywriting,  you might want to think about letting a pro take care of it. 

A skilled freelance writer from a professional content writing agency will be able to explain the culture and values surrounding your company in a way that will have more people visiting your website. With more people visiting your website, that means the potential to have more business coming in.

Money Saver

Freelance writer jobs are popping up all over the place these days, and that’s because more and more people are becoming aware of how useful they are for their businesses. If you’ve been tirelessly trying to write content for your website without it going anywhere, why not consider hiring a freelance writer?

Business owners should be investing their time into things they are good at. If you make your money as a dentist that owns a dental clinic, why would you be spending your time trying to write content? By hiring a freelance writer, you don’t have to worry about paying them things like:

  • Vacation
  • Sick leave
  • Insurance
  • Benefits


Another nice thing about working with a freelance writer is the added flexibility that you have. If you’re only requiring one or two blogs a week, you don’t have to worry about paying an employee a part-time or full-time wage to get the job done. Freelance writers are browsing content writer websites all of the time, and they would love the extra work.


A professional freelance writer that works under a content writing company will make sure all of your content is refined, tweaked, and engaging towards your specific industry. A good content writer won’t begin writing until they are fully aware of the industry they are writing about.


If you’re looking for marketing writing to gain more clients, a skilled freelance writer will be able to craft content that will do just that. Through writing your content, they will:

  • Ensure it is SEO optimized
  • Included specific keywords relevant to your business
  • Ensure content is free of grammar and spelling errors

You can simply tell your freelance writer that you need 5,000 words of content per month and also give them free rein over the content being written as long as it’s for your particular industry. This might require you to put a little more trust into the content writer, but it will also free up more of your time.

Remote Work

The majority of freelance writers work remotely. They have their own equipment and tools to get the job done just like any other contractor would have. That means you don’t have to worry about supplying office space, a laptop, or anything else to get the content you need. 


Freelance writers know that the more content they produce, the more they get paid. Many freelance writers get paid on a per-word basis. Because they are paid this way, you can rest assured in knowing they aren’t sitting around with their feet up on their desk while the clock ticks away on your dime. 

Ready to Hire A Professional Freelance Writer?

If you want to scale your business in a positive way, hiring a freelance writer can help you do just that. Freelance writing jobs are all over the place for freelancers to grab, and if you’re ready to get the best content for your business, Still Writers has got you covered. Still Writers has the best content writing you can find anywhere, and they are even negotiable on their rates.

If you’re on a budget, simply let them know what you have to work with and how much content you need. They will take that into consideration and give you the best rates on professional content writing. You won’t get that with other content writing agencies. What you’ll get is an automated login portal with fixed rates for content.

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