Can My Company Benefit From Content Writing Services?

Content writing services can be an extremely valuable way to draw exposure to your business and can be a wise investment with a variety of benefits.

Content writing is one of the best and cheapest ways to draw attraction to your business. Utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) will drive organic traffic to your company website and will ensure that people will stay on your website for a longer period of time because of the useful content on it. 

Content writing should be included in every part of a useful marketing strategy at least in some way, and to get the best content writing, the best way to do that is to hire a content writing agency to do it for you. Through hiring a content writing agency, you’ll:

  • Have more time for business-related endeavors
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Increase the SEO ranking on your site
  • Show others that you’re serious

Time Saver

The biggest reason why businesses outsource their content writing is because of the tremendous amount of time that is being saved in doing so. Hiring a part-time or full-time content writer to work on a weekly blog isn’t the best way to approach your content marketing strategy. By going through a content writing agency, you can get a freelance writer to take care of all of that for you.

In business, you typically want to be spending your time on the things that you’re good and skilled at instead of things that you know nothing about. An optometrist usually wouldn’t be sitting behind a desk all day doing reception duties and eye appointments at the same time. By hiring a freelance writer, you’ll reap the benefits of increased time for other duties.

SEO Ranking

Hiring a content writing agency is a good way to boost your SEO ranking. Many business owners might not even be aware of what SEO means, so if a business owner sits down to start writing a blog, there is a good chance that the blog won’t drive as much traffic to their website in comparison to hiring a freelance blog writer.

Quality needs to be of a certain quality for it to rank in organic search results and gain the exposure you’re looking for. On the internet, SEO is everything, and utilizing the fundamentals of SEO will ensure that your content will do as well as it should. Things like SEO keywords and backlinks are extremely important in content writing, and being aware of each will make sure your content is optimized.

What Types Of Content Should I Outsource?

A good content writing agency will specialize in many different types of content writing services. Articling rewriting, posts for your social media accounts, and blog posts are useful ways to reach out to potential customers and attract traffic to your company. A content marketing strategy needs to be adhered to for a good chunk of time before you’ll start to see concrete results, but they will come.

A freelance writer that does nothing but write articles for a living can produce a well-crafted, SEO-optimized article in a fraction of the time as anyone else. They will also be able to figure out what content will increase the amount of traffic to your company. That means your conversion rate will also be increased. Hiring a content writing agency is a win/win scenario.

What Are Conversion Rates

A conversion rate is simply the results that you want out of your marketing strategy. If you’re wanting to gain attraction to your website in order to make more sales, then the conversion rate would be the percentage of people who came to your site to do just that. Outsourcing your content writing services will increase your conversion rate and turn people into new and repeat customers.

Content writing is one of the best ways to increase your conversion rates. No one wants to be spending hours upon hours writing content that doesn’t do anything, and a professional content agency will know how to get your content producing the results it should be. Communicate with your content writing agency about what your goals are for your marketing strategy.

Content Writing Services As An Investment

Hiring a content writing agency can sometimes be seen as just another unnecessary expense for some companies, but it shouldn’t be seen in that perspective. Words make up a huge portion of what is on the internet, and those words can be used to produce results more than anything else. High-quality SEO content will:

  • Increase the amount of organic traffic to your company website
  • Give you exposure to a greater audience of people
  • Increase the amount of time that people spend on your website

For these reasons, hiring a content writing agency should be seen as an investment instead of just another added expense. Something as simple as an active blog will show customers that you’re invested in your business and serious about helping other people and businesses achieve their goals.

Search Engine Rankings

Everyone wants their website to pop up into that coveted first place position on Google. Seeing that happen can bring a smile to any business owner’s face, but it’s not easy to get to that point. With so many competitors on the market, you have to utilize the fundamentals of SEO to make your way there. It isn’t something that happens overnight, and it will take persistence and patience.

Every piece of content on your page can be effectively used to boost your rankings in search engines, and that’s why you’ll want to work alongside a content writing agency. There is more to high-quality content than just words on a screen. Things like H tags, bullet lists, keywords, and hyperlinks are all things that can be used to optimize content to perform the best that it can.

When search engines analyze a couple of things to figure out what SEO ranking to give your site:

  • The keywords that people are inputting in Google or whatever search engine they use
  • Backlinks to other websites
  • New and fresh content
  • Quality of the content

When Will I See My Content Writing Investment Turn Into Results?

Your investment into professional SEO content writing needs to be given some time. It’s nearly impossible to give an exact prediction on the amount of time it will take for your content writing investment to start seeing results, and it will vary from one website to the next. You might see it within a couple of weeks or a couple of months. 

If your company website is brand new, search engines need some time before they are able to discover it. Throughout the process, you’ll just want to be patient while communicating with your content writing agency on what the next steps are for your future content.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a professional content writing agency that uses words to produce results, consider reaching out to Still Writers. Still Writers has been in the industry for many years and has left many clients satisfied with the growth of their companies following their content writing investment. 

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