What Is Copywriting And How Can I Make Use Of It?

Copywriting is used to keep potential customers informed on services or products that your company offers with the end goal of making a transaction.



If you’re trying to boost the number of conversions and sales transactions that you receive, copywriting is an effective way to do that. By hiring a professional copywriter, you can rest assured in knowing that the content that’s written will do its work while you can invest your time and resources into other things.

Something as simple as a blog can increase the amount of exposure and traffic to your website by 86%. Many companies are wary about hiring a freelance writer for copywriting because they aren’t aware of the many benefits that it can offer their companies.

What Is Copywriting?


Creating content on your website is one of the best ways to keep your potential customers informed on what you do as a company. Without content, no one will even know what your business is all about. People won’t be able to find your website and you won’t get the exposure you need to have a successful business. For a company like an exercise company, blog writing is very important to growing its exposure.


Copywriting is used to inform and educate customers in a way that will eventually lead them to purchase your services or products. A good copywriter should always incorporate some sort of sales pitch into their content. This is commonly referred to as a call to action.

Many organizations hire permanent, full-time copywriters because they understand how valuable they are for marketing purposes. You can also hire freelance copywriters that work on a contract basis. This is the most common route that many companies take.

Copywriting can take a number of different forms:

  • Blog posts
  • Studies
  • Product reviews
  • Guides
  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Website content
  • White papers

Anyone that knows English can write an article, but not everyone can optimize an article to perform at its best. A high-quality copywriter knows that content needs to include the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) in order to rank higher on search engines. 

Keywords need to be included in every piece of content that is written or else it won’t rank as highly as you’d like. When an article is SEO optimized, it will generate more exposure. With more exposure, you’ll have higher chances of conversion.

What Kinds Of Copywriters Are There?



Copywriting can take many different shapes and sizes. If you’re wanting to promote a certain product that you’ve developed, then you might want to consider a marketing copywriter or advertising copywriter. If you’re wanting to increase overall awareness of your website, you might hire a blog writer.

A freelance copywriter will always be much cheaper than hiring an in-house copywriter because they are self-employed and you won’t be having to pay them vacation time, benefits, and sick leave. Freelance writers typically charge by the word or by the hour.

For larger companies that require ongoing copywriting services, they might hire a salaried copywriter that will work full-time hours for the company. The full-time copywriter will enjoy all of the benefits that every other employee is entitled to.

Can I Make Use Of Copywriting Services?


No matter how small or large a company is, it can make use of copywriting services. It doesn’t matter if the company just needs to hire a freelance copywriter for one blog post a week or for 20,000 words of marketing content each month. A copywriter can significantly boost the amount of visibility a company will receive.

It also doesn’t matter what type of business or industry you’re in. Sales are the end goal of any marketing plan, and copywriting is a very useful way of encouraging potential customers to become more interested in the products and services that you offer. 

As a business owner, it’s extremely easy to try and do everything yourself. Because copywriting is a very time-consuming and skilled field, it’s difficult for every business owner to write content that will turn into results. When you’re reading content, it’s easy to tell the difference between something that’s professionally written and something that isn’t.

If you’re not skilled in copywriting and you try to write your own content, there is a good chance that it won’t perform as well as it should. A copywriter knows how to write content in a compelling and insightful way. Do you want to waste your precious time on something that you’re not innately good at? Hire a copywriter and see what it can do for your business.

How Do I Get Better Content?



Hiring a freelance writer for copywriting services is the best way to get better content for your website. A copywriter will optimize the content for your website in a number of ways.



Good copywriters know that content needs to be written with a high degree of clarity. No one wants to waste their time reading through things that aren’t important to them. Many people only have a couple of seconds to browse through an article, so your content needs to be concise.



Content needs to be written with a purpose or objective in mind. A lot of copywriters will include a call to action right at the start of whatever they are writing. This can be an effective strategy, especially for those that don’t have a long attention span. 

Readers need to be able to find information quickly and easily. If they aren’t able to, they will simply close the article and read something else. With so much competition on the internet these days, people have dozens upon dozens of other pages they can easily open.

If you look at recipe guides, you might notice that some of them have paragraphs and paragraphs of content before getting to the recipe. For someone that just wants to start baking, this can instantly turn them off. With a visibly available recipe guide right off the start, it will generate much more traffic.

Highlight Useful Content


Using simple tactics such as bolding or italicizing certain pieces of content will have it sticking out much more than the rest. If you’re trying to sell a product, use keywords and headers that will draw more attention to it. You’ll also want sections to be broken up in an organized way.



The layout of your content is another important thing to keep in mind. Many people like to look at infographics so that they can quickly see the overall gist of the objective of the content. Images can be effectively used to keep people interested in what your content is about. 



Headlines are one of the most important things to keep in mind for any content marketing strategy. If your headline doesn’t relate to what someone is searching about, they simply won’t end up clicking it.



Before publishing your content, ensure it is free and clear of any spelling or grammar errors. Something like that gives your website a negative vibe and it just doesn’t look professional. By hiring a copywriter, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Most copywriters use tools to boost the grammar, sentence structure, and readability of their content.

Copywriting Services


If you’re looking for copywriting services that will drive more traffic and generate more exposure to your company, you’ll want to consider Still Writers. Still Writers has a proven track record of providing the best content writing services on the market. If you’re worried about affordability, don’t be. 

Still Writers is one of the only content writing agencies that are negotiable on their rates. All you have to do is simply fill out their content writing form with your budget, and they will do what they can to get you what you need.

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