Strategic Content And Content Marketing The Right Way

A content writer should carefully think about and pay attention to strategic content strategies when they are involved in content marketing for a business.

What Is Content Marketing?

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In a nutshell, the goal of strategic content marketing is to:

  • Draw your target audience in
  • Have your target audience engaging with your company
  • Have your target audience sticking around until a sale is made

The many different ways that content marketing can be done are endless. Strategic content can be incorporated into almost any outlet. When a content marketing strategy is done properly, it will linger around in the minds of people for quite some time.

There are many different ways that content marketing is done:

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Social media
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Billboards

A good content marketing strategy can increase your brand awareness exponentially, and it can create a bold statement for your company well into the future. If done correctly, content marketing will have your company appearing more professional than your competitors.

When you utilize a strategic content marketing strategy, you’re increasing your chances of retaining and building new relationships with customers in your target market. When the customers in your target market are ready to purchase your services, they’ll be more inclined to become repeat customers and tell their friends about your business.

Why Strategic Content Marketing?

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There are many reasons to include a strategic content marketing strategy for your business. The main factor why many businesses consider content marketing is because it works.

  • Companies that invest in blog writing services have nearly 70% more conversions and leads than competitors
  • 48% of potential customers will browse around 6 different articles well before they decide to make their final purchase on products or services
  • Businesses that invest in a strategic content marketing strategy have over 30% more growth in their business in comparison to those that don’t
  • Almost 75% of businesses that invest in a strategic content marketing strategy report more leads

How Does Strategic Content Marketing Work?

There are a couple of different stages to how a company can approach a strategic content marketing campaign.

Phase One – Awareness

The awareness phase is the first phase of how a potential sale will begin. At this phase, a company needs to place its entire focus on the pains of its entire target market. Doing this increases the chances that potential customers will put a little more thought into a company and what it has to offer.

All of the content in this phase should be administered in a way that educates consumers. The selling part of a strategic content marketing campaign will begin later in the process. The best types of content that can be utilized for phase one are:

An example of a company in phase one of a strategic marketing campaign is a restaurant creating a blog on where a newly graduated student should go to celebrate. In the blog, the restaurant can list a couple of ideal places, and then include a call to action with a sale price for graduates on the entire menu.

This is a non-pushy way of drawing more awareness to a company.

Phase Two – Education

In the education phase of a strategic content marketing campaign, a company should be thwarting its efforts to providing the most educational content for its potential customers. The content should pay more attention to highlighting areas that the company can help address the pains that were addressed in phase one of content marketing.

Some  examples of content that works perfectly for phase two are:

  • Educational articles
  • Checklists
  • Videos
  • Studies

An example of content that would be ideal for phase two is a case study on five different ways that your internet service can be improved. The case study would focus on the pains of a customers’ current internet service and focus on what the new internet company can offer to address those needs.

Phase Three – Closure

During phase three of the strategic content marketing strategy, closing the sale needs to be focused on the most. At this stage, a company should focus on things like:

  • Ways that their services can benefit customers
  • Knowledge of the industry
  • Why they are  better than the competitors

Some of the best content that can be utilized for phase 3 are:

  • Videos demonstrating your products or services
  • Studies on how useful your products or services are
  • Customer reviews on your products or services

An example of a company in a strategic content marketing campaign during phase three is a lawnmower company showing customers how good their lawnmower is on longer grass. When customers see a real-life example of a product in action, they can relate it to their own life much more efficiently. 

Should I Invest In A Strategic Content Marketing Strategy?

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Investing in a strategic content marketing strategy is one of the best ways that you can grow your business.

  • It has proven results
  • It’s more affordable than other marketing strategies
  • It can grow your company faster than other methods

If you think you’re ready to get started with content marketing, you’ll want to consider a couple of things.

Target Audience

If you’re not currently aware of what your target audience is, you’ll have to figure that out. Without narrowing this down, you won’t have a good idea of who your company is marketing to in the first place. Figure out a couple of audiences that your content will be valuable to, and then go from there. 

An example of this is an online fitness company writing a blog about the physical and mental health benefits of exercise.

Formatting Of Your Strategic Content

After you’ve figured out what your target audience is, you’ll want to think about the format of your content marketing. A lot of people choose to hire a content writing agency for blog writing services because of its proven benefits. Others like to hire a videographer to create promotional videos.


The next thing you’ll need to think about is how your content will be distributed. The majority of companies choose to distribute their content on their websites. While this is a good approach, utilizing other outlets like social media can be an effective way to distribute content, as well.

Scheduling Of Your Content

A lot of new companies tend to get carried away with their strategic content marketing campaign and end up going on a posting spree on their website and social media accounts. While this can be effective for some companies, it can lead to burnout very quickly. Things like content writing can take a lot of time, and it’s good to be realistic about your goals. 

If you find yourself running out of time with something like content writing on your website, consider looking into content writing services to help you with that. Content that is search engine optimized (SEO) isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. By hiring a content writing agency, you can be sure your content will be producing the results you need.

What Is SEO?

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Everything you see on search engines revolved around SEO. Blog posts that are SEO optimized will always do better than content that is just randomly written. To optimize content, keywords need to be included in the content. 

By effectively using keywords, you’re giving your content a better chance of leading to conversions well into the future. Keywords aren’t always the easiest thing to incorporate into an article, and that’s why hiring a content writer is one of the best things you can do for your strategic marketing campaign.

Keywords need to be:

  • Focused on your industry
  • Integrated into your content smoothly
  • Appealing to your target audience

The algorithms that search engines are built with are quite confusing for many companies to navigate. Hiring a content writing agency can take the stress off of your shoulders and fingers, and you won’t have to worry about typing or figuring out SEO again.

Strategic Content Marketing With Still Writers

If you’re interested in strategic content marketing, you’ll want to consider reaching out to Still Writers. The team at Still Writers uses words to produce results for its clients. All of their content is SEO optimized, and that means you can rest assured in knowing it will increase the traffic to your website.

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