Can My Company Make Use Of A Content Marketing Strategy?

Many businesses run into roadblocks when they are trying to get more exposure. Developing a solid content marketing strategy is highly recommended.

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Statistics show that having a budget for content marketing is one of the best ways to continually grow a business. Some of the clearest benefits of a content marketing strategy are:

  • Increased web presence
  • More authority for your brand
  • Higher sales

Can My Company Make Use Of A Content Marketing Strategy?

Every company can make use of a content marketing strategy. Approaching any marketing campaign with a clear strategy is part of the recipe for success. It doesn’t matter if you’re considering video marketing or content creation, having a strategy is the number one thing to keep in mind.

There are a couple of reasons why content marketing is so crucial to business success:

  • It will grow the trust that your target audience has in your company
  • It can provide clear and quick answers to people interested in your products and services
  • It can lead to conversions
  • It will create more leads

Now more than ever more, customers are more educated on the products and services that they purchase. If a customer doesn’t get a feeling that they can rely on your company, they won’t hire you for services or purchase your products.

Content creation makes up the content marketing strategy of over 80% of companies. That number alone shows how important it is. But content creation needs to have a plan and a goal behind it. You can’t just throw out random content that doesn’t align with your brand or your goals. 

When your content is more relatable to people, they begin to trust what you have to offer. Take an example of an exercise company that is wanting to grow its business. If they aren’t spending time on content marketing and providing no useful information to potential clients, people will easily just skip over their website and move on to the next.

On the flip side, if that same exercise company has useful blog posts about how to lose weight, what exercises work the best, and how to do them, customers will be more inclined to invest in services from them.

What Are Some Benefits Of A Content Marketing Strategy?

There are a variety of benefits to having a strong content marketing strategy.

Retention Of Your Target Audience

With a strong content marketing strategy, you’ll have your target audience spending more time on your website. The longer that people browse around your website and look at your content, the better your chances are of conversions.

In addition, if your target audience does end up becoming one of your customers, they will most likely stick with you for a longer period of time.

Social Media Presence

A good content marketing strategy will have your social media becoming more visible to your followers. The nice thing about social media content marketing is that people can easily share your content. Content marketing on social media is a chain effect. If you’re consistently outputting good content, it will be shared and more people will see it.

Increased Trust

Content marketing strategies are all about gaining the trust of your target audience. Studies show that people are more inclined to make a purchase from a company that they can trust.  If someone is browsing around online for an answer to a question and your content is able to answer that question, they will learn to trust you. 

With increased trust, a content marketing strategy can also increase the reputation of your brand. People talk when they stumble across a company that is helping them.

Better Leads

A good content marketing strategy can create high-quality leads. On all of your content, you’ll want to include a call to action that people can interact with. A common question that many companies have is how to create more leads. 

One of the best ways to create more leads out of your content marketing strategy is to provide the best content that you possibly can. 

More Conversions

With high-quality content included in your content marketing strategy, you’re giving your content a better chance to turn into conversions. Great content will always produce more traffic than poor content. If you’re not optimizing your blog posts for SEO, then they won’t do as well in comparison to those that are optimized.

SEO Content Marketing

Seo, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine

A good content marketing strategy always keeps SEO principles in mind. The better your content is optimized for SEO, the better your chances are of it being more visible in search rankings. This is where you’ll want to consider hiring a content writer that knows how to get content to rank in search engines.


The better your content marketing strategy is, the more authority it will lend to your company. Once your company develops a strong sense of authority in the industry, you’ll notice more people purchasing your products or services because they trust you.

Content creation is a good way of showing customers that you’re an expert in your field. Something as simple as writing a blog post that is answering questions from your target audience goes a long way in building trust.

Brand Exposure

One of the main goals of a content marketing strategy is to increase the exposure of your brand. Your content marketing strategy should carefully outline where you want your content to be visible. If you’re wanting to appear in search engines, blog writing services can be a great way to get more exposure for your company.


Customer loyalty should be at the backbone of any content marketing strategy. You know you’re offering good products, but you need your customers to be able to believe that. You also want your customers to stick around after they’ve purchased your products or services. 


If developed properly, your content marketing strategy can have you saving money. Content marketing and content creation have drastically changed in comparison to a decade ago. Instead of having to hire a part or full-time content writer, you can easily hire a freelance writer for content creation.

By hiring a freelance writer, you’re saving a tremendous amount of money on all of the bonuses that you won’t have to pay them. Also, in comparison to sponsored posts, video marketing, and marketing through physical signage, content creation will always be the most affordable.

Start Your Content Marketing Strategy With Still Writers

Still Writers has been providing SEO-optimized content writing services to many clients across a wide range of industries. Some of the benefits of hiring Still Writers for your content creation are:

  • Negotiable rates
  • Quick content turnaround times
  • SEO-optimized content
  • Knowledgeable in many industries
  • Reliable
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Contact Still Writers to get your content marketing strategy off the ground today.

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