Should I Consider Hiring A Writer For Sponsored Posts?

Sponsored posts cost money, and because you’re investing in them, you’ll want to ensure they are written in a way that will produce the best results.

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If you’ve ever used Instagram or Facebook before, then you’re probably very familiar with sponsored posts. Scrolling down your news feed will inevitably reveal a variety of sponsored posts from different companies. Sponsored posts can an effective way to increase the exposure of your company.

Should I Invest In Sponsored Posts?

If you’re a company that’s constantly expanding and don’t have issues with investing in a marketing campaign, sponsored posts can be very useful. The nice thing about sponsored posts is that a lot of the advertisements relate to what a customer is already looking for on the internet.

If someone is looking on Google for online exercise programs, then there is a good chance that sponsored posts from online exercise companies will be popping up on their news feed in social media. Sponsored posts might display different terminology to refer to the same thing.

Sometimes you’ll see them use terms like:

  • Presented by: Company 1
  • Promoted by: Company 2

Each of these terms refers to sponsored content.

If you’re considering investing money into sponsored content, you’ll typically want to ensure that the content is the absolute best that it can be. Sponsored posts aren’t cheap, and many companies invest thousands of dollars into them every year. In addition to sponsored posts, companies hire content writers to write sponsored content.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Sponsored Posts?

sponsored posts benefits

There is a wide range of benefits to investing money into sponsored posts for your company.

Increased Traffic

The number one benefit to sponsored posts is the increased amount of traffic and exposure that you’ll have towards your company. When you’re creating sponsored content, there are a variety of options where you can specify what your target audience is. By doing this, you can reach people that will be the most interested in your content.

Sponsored posts don’t have you feeling like you’re shoving your products or services down someone’s throat because, in a lot of cases, the sponsored posts that show up on someone’s social media feed are already something that they might already be interested in. 

They Are More Successful Than Other Advertisements

In the digital age we live in, sponsored posts typically do much better than ads you’ll see on billboards or signage. It doesn’t matter if the sponsored posts are in the form of a video or just written content. It will typically reach more of your target audience than a physical poster ever would.

Sponsored Posts Have More Engagement With Your Target Audience

With sponsored posts, it’s much easier for people to interact with what companies are offering. If your company just made a sponsored post about a product that it offers, anyone that sees the post can easily just comment on it. If your post was effective enough, positive comments can go a long way in having that post create many sales for your company.

Sponsored content, whether in written form or through the use of videography, can do a lot to resonate with your target audience. Copywriting is used to persuade customers to take action on your company’s products. If you’re unsure of what to write to have a better chance of your content turning into results, consider investing in copywriting services.

Nearly 80% of consumers mention that they will purchase a product or service if a sponsored post resonates with what they need at the time.

Sponsored Posts Can Be Relied On

In many cases, Instagram sponsored posts or Facebook ones tend to draw more people of the millennial generation in. Sponsored Instagram posts are more popular than ever before, and there is a good chance that you won’t even reach the end of your daily news feed without seeing at least one.

Millennials also view Instagram-sponsored ads as being more engaging than any other type of advertising. Companies can use that to their benefit because people are more hooked on their cell phones these days than ever before in the history of the world.

Further Reach

Sponsored social media posts are able to reach more people with less work. Gone are the days of pounding the pavement and walking around the streets to advertise your business. The majority of people all utilize social media on a daily basis, and that makes it one of the best marketing outlets for your business. 

If your company already has a strong following on social media, you might even be able to get by without investing money into sponsored posts. Sometimes all it takes is hiring a professional copywriter to write posts that do the work for you.

Copywriting Services For Sponsored Posts

If you’re interested in copywriting for sponsored posts, you’ll want to reach out to Still Writers. Still Writers is effective in writing sponsored posts that turn into results. Not everyone is gifting in writing content, and that’s why investing in copywriting services for your sponsored posts can go a long way in making sure it will do its job.

Sponsored posts on Instagram need to be written in a way that has people reading beyond just the first sentence. The attention spans of people these days don’t hold still for very long. Content needs to be stimulating from the very first word, all the way to the last word of a sponsored post.

still writers

The nice thing about investing in copywriting for sponsored posts with Still Writers is that you’re able to negotiate your rate. If you’re a new company and can’t afford some of the pricey rates that other content writing agencies offer, then Still Writers will do what they can to help out with that.

When you’re at a loss for words on what to add to your Instagram sponsored posts, consider reaching out to Still Writers today. Doing so will free up your time and allow you to focus your efforts on business-related tasks while you can stop worrying about the copywriting for your posts.

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