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If you’re the type of freelance writer that likes to exercise increased freedom with writing, you’ll want to consider writing for Still Writers.

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Many content writing agencies don’t permit freelancer writers to exercise any freedom with writing. With so many content mills on the market these days, the creativity behind a freelance writer is completely diminished. Freedom with writing is one of the biggest reasons why a freelance writer gets involved in that field, to begin with.

A freelance writer that is able to exercise more freedom with writing is better able to polish a piece of content to how they see fit. With certain content writing agencies, you’re so restricted by:

  • How many links you can use
  • Where you can get your information from
  • What sources are valid
  • What formatting you’re supposed to use

While it’s fine for content writing agencies to place restrictions on things that pertain to search engine optimization (SEO), it’s not very wise to restrict writers’ creativity and how they can exercise it through their writing.

Freedom With Writing

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Writers that are able to free write on a certain topic will almost always produce a better piece of content than those that are completely restricted to certain criteria. When a freelance writer is able to free write on a certain topic, you’ll be getting their very best work.

By now, you might be thinking that content writers have to abide by restrictions just like every other profession out there. This is true but to a certain extent. A freelance writer is a freelance writer because they value freedom in their daily lives.

If you looked at a group of freelance writers and asked them what the number one thing is that they enjoy about their jobs, you can bet that they would state that freedom is the number one thing.

Freedom in a job is just as important as freedom with writing. Allowing a writer to free write on a topic gives them the flexibility to fully release their creativity. At Still Writers, you’re hiring a flexible content writing agency that is also flexible on rates.

Still Writers Is Negotiable

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With Still Writers, in addition to freedom with writing, those that require content writing services are also getting freedom from the restricted and fixed rates that every other content writing agency charges. Nearly every single content writing agency out there will charge a fixed rate on their content writing services.

With Still Writers, the ability to negotiate your rate for content writing services makes it ideal for those that are just starting a new business. If you’re just beginning to market your business, negotiating a rate for content writing services can be very beneficial.

Still Writers:

  • Is negotiable on their rates
  • Provides freedom with writing for freelance writers 
  • Has a very fast turnaround on content
  • Optimizes all content with SEO principles in mind

Getting the best content writing services shouldn’t be something that brings stress to your life. By hiring Still Writers, you can rest assured in knowing you’re getting SEO-optimized content that will increase the exposure of your company in search rankings.

Increasing the traffic and exposure to your website is done in a number of ways:

  • Utilizing organic keywords in a smooth way
  • Persuasive content that is written in a way that draws customers in
  • Content that is written in a way that relates to customers
  • Content that highlights pains that the company can provide gains on through their products or services

All too often, content marketing is made more complicated than it should be. No one wants to be dealing with automated and impersonal login portals when they just want some content to increase the exposure of their business.

If you’re wanting a no-hassle company to help you out with your blog posts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, consider reaching out to Still Writers. Something as simple as a blog can draw more exposure to your website and your company.

Blog Writing Services

blog writing services

With more exposure to your website, you’ll have a greater chance of that exposure turning into a sale of your products and services. Blog writing services are a very popular choice amongst all of the clients that hire Still Writers for a variety of reasons.

  • Writing a blog is a cheap and affordable way of marketing
  • It proves that a company is knowledgeable about their industry
  • It shows that a company cares about educating and informing potential clients

With blog writing services, content writers can exercise a lot of freedom with writing. Blogs aren’t as formal as some of the other types of content writing out there. Blog posts need to be relatable and personal towards the reader and written in a way that draws people in.

While there is increased freedom with writing blog posts, they still need to be written with SEO optimization in mind. SEO is the backbone of the internet, and if the content isn’t optimized for search engines, it won’t perform as well as it should. There is a lot more to content writing than meets the eye.

Even though writers like to utilize freedom with writing, they still need to always keep SEO principles at the back of their minds. The more that an article is SEO-optimized, the more visibility it will get. 

Still Writers

If you’re looking for content writing services that will have your business flourishing over time, you’ll want to consider reaching out to Still Writers. Still Writers has been in the industry for a number of years now, and they know what content performs well and what doesn’t. 

With Still Writers, you’re getting a content writing agency you can rely on. They are never late in delivering content, and they are skilled in writing a variety of different content. Some of the different types of content they have experience in writing are:

  • Blog writing services
  • Article rewriting
  • Marketing writing
  • Technical content writing
  • Social media content writing
  • Website content
  • Landing page content writing
  • Press releases
  • Product reviews
  • Resumes
  • eBook writing

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Still Writers today!

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