7 Benefits Of Writing A Blog For Your Business


Whether you’re an individual or you work at a company, writing a blog can be an excellent way to get more attention and drive more business towards your products or services. This may seem like an intimidating prospect if you’ve never done it before, but with these seven benefits of writing a blog, you’ll see that it’s actually quite easy! 

You just need to keep these points in mind as you go along, and then when the time comes to write your next blog entry, everything will make much more sense to you and you’ll be able to put them into practice right away.

1) A Blog Can Increase Brand Awareness

You’re only as good as your audience, and vice versa. If you have quality content that people want to read and share, you’ll build an audience that trusts you and your brand. That trust will bring you loyal customers who are much more likely to pay attention to what you say on social media or in person at an event. 

 The reputation you earn from great content will also bring higher rankings in search engine results. An audience that trusts your brand and links to your website are signals Google uses to determine which websites it should list first when someone searches for certain keywords related to your industry. 

Google’s high-quality results make all our lives easier, so that gives you even more reason to take writing seriously as a business tool.

2) Improve Seo Rankings

Content creation—particularly that which is both unique and regularly updated—is one of the quickest ways to improve your SEO rankings. Without regular, quality content, search engines have nothing to index, meaning they can’t rank you well. 

Furthermore, with search engines increasingly focused on user experience as a factor in SEO rankings and Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm specifically prioritizing high-quality content (and removing emphasis from keywords), it’s clear that any website without quality original content is doing itself a disservice by making sure its website doesn’t rank. 

Write awesome copywriting and you’ll create content people love and share—which will mean more traffic for your site!

You’ll also have something to share with prospective customers who are Googling your company or product, which will help you gain credibility and authority in your industry. You can use these posts as landing pages too, directing readers back to your website where they’re more likely to convert (and potentially buy products or services). And with such benefits, it’s no wonder content is known as one of—if not the—most important parts of a successful SEO strategy. 

Use great SEO writing and you’ll create enticing and useful content that helps everyone from search engines and potential customers to other websites link back to yours! As well as SEO benefits, there are plenty more reasons why blogging is beneficial for any business!

3) Create Brand Advocates

For small businesses and startups, brand advocacy is important. If people care about your product or service, they are likely to talk about it to their friends and family. By creating a strong brand voice, you can appeal to customers on an emotional level, which will cause them to be more open to buying from you over your competitors—even if they cost less or have better features. 

All of that costs money up front but creates advocates who will spend money on your company in perpetuity as long as you continue making high-quality products and providing excellent customer service.

4) Expands Business Network

business blogging

One of the best ways to get ahead in business is by creating partnerships and networking. A great way to expand your business network is through blogging, as it gives you an opportunity to reach new audiences and connect with industry leaders. 

With so many benefits, blogging can have a positive impact on expanding your brand and business network. It’s also important that you write helpful, useful content that people will enjoy reading. This will show that you are concerned about your customers and potential clients — which helps to build trust in your company.

Since you’re doing your research online and potentially reading blogs from people in similar industries, you can expand your reach and audience. Your business has more opportunities to grow when you have access to so many different kinds of people. 

Instead of just having an audience made up of your local community, blogging allows you to reach thousands or even millions of potential customers around the world. You should make it clear that not only do you care about customers but that they matter as individuals as well. 

For example, if a reader reaches out to ask a question or give feedback, respond promptly and personally so they know they’re heard — helping them feel more invested in your brand and its success.

5) Gather New Insights And Discover Untapped Opportunities

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, writing content allows you to gather new insights and discover untapped opportunities. A company might find out about an unmet need in its audience or uncover underlying trends that could lead to new products and services. 

Likewise, copywriters and bloggers learn new writing styles, refine their skills, and develop in-depth knowledge about topics they may not have considered before. The same goes for SEO writers who are exposed to different keywords on a daily basis. 

While many aspiring writers dream of working at home in pajamas while watching Netflix, blogging can actually boost your career; it’s one of our top 5 hottest jobs right now!

6) Manage Reputation Online

blog writing

If you manage your online reputation, you can quickly respond to customer complaints, which is always better than letting them go unanswered. Online reviews can be more damaging to your business’s reputation than positive comments. 

So if you want to maintain a positive reputation online, start responding to negative comments by thanking customers for their feedback and making it clear that steps are being taken to remedy any issues they’ve pointed out. This way you look responsive, concerned about your customers and actively working on improving your service. 

And who knows? A satisfied customer might just come back around with another glowing review after they notice how well you handled their initial complaint!

7) Competitive Advantage

Because your industry is so competitive, you need to find an edge. A great way to do that is by writing and publishing content regularly. In fact, according to studies by MarketingProfs and WordStream, businesses that publish at least one piece of content per week are 55% more likely to generate leads than those that publish less frequently. 

The added benefit? Customers get a chance to engage with your brand when they read it—and, again according to WordStream, 45% of consumers prefer B2B brands that have active blogs. When you combine these statistics with your increased SEO rankings (over 75% of consumers say they don’t buy from sites without detailed product information), it’s clear that establishing a strong blogging practice can give you a competitive advantage in your industry. 

Final Thoughts On Creating A Blog

While writing a blog might feel like another unnecessary added expense for your company, it should be seen as an investment instead because of the long-term potential it can have for your company’s growth.

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